Honesty, Accuracy, Promptness & Kindness

Convenient Comprehensive Insurance

Ace Comprehensive Insurance was established in 2013 in the densely populated area of Koreans in Seattle, Washington, and is doing its best to provide honest, accurate, prompt and friendly insurance services in the most convenient location.

Service areas are available throughout Washington and California.

We introduce only reasonable insurance that provides maximum effect at the lowest cost.

You can conveniently receive consultations through video meetings, text messages, and e-mails.

Honesty, Accuracy, Promptness, Kindness, and Convenient Insurance Ace Comprehensive Insurance!

At Ace Comprehensive Insurance, insurance experts in each field provide the most optimal plans and services for your needs.
Optimal effectiveness and service at the lowest cost.
Ace Insurance’s love for its customers.

Our handling insurance

  • Auto
  • House
  • Business
  • ObamaCare
  • Medicare
  • Company Group Health Insurance
  • Mutual Aid Health Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • 생명보험
  • IRA (Retirement Annuity)
  • Old Age Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

There is no consultation fee at all.