Why Getting a Personal Auto Accident Insurance is Necessary

Did you know that the United States of America has reported an annual of 6 million car accidents? This means that, on average there is a minimum of 6 million people gets injured in these automobile accidents. But how many of them have an auto accident insurance policy cushioned their injuries? Not many. Nearly 40,000 Americans pass away in car crashes because of not being able to afford the cost of medical treatment.

Accident insurance can provide you with peace of mind.
Damaged car
An accident insurance policy can save you from a financial crisis

The name insurance alone is enough to make people question the viability of availing some financial funds in times of need.

So why should you be getting personal auto accident insurance? Here we give you some reasons to insure yourself:

Auto Accident Insurance Provides You with a Lump Sum Payment

For those who aren’t aware of accident insurance, it is designed to ease your hardship during an automobile accident when your medical insurance isn’t enough to cover the costs or treatment at the hospital. Thus, personal auto accident insurance means that you have a lump sum payment that you can use whenever you need or whenever you experience a concussion or broken bone in an accident.

Moreover, it comes as a supplemental plan that means you can use it along with your main health or life insurance. You will be the authority who is issued the cheque and not your healthcare provider. So all you have to do is file the claim, and it will be processed within 10 days.

The Chances of You Incurring an Accident Are Higher Than You Would Like to Think

As humans, we aren’t invincible to injuries no matter how much we would like to think that way. Just like you would protect your smartphone or a tablet with a screen protector. Similarly, you as an individual also need your screen protector from possible accidents in the form of an auto accident insurance policy. Be it a car accident, slipping on ice in your driveway, incurring sports-related injuries, or just using a wrong position during exercise or yoga. The list goes on.

The United States of America alone reports nearly 30 million visits annually due to accidental injuries. With nearly 800,000 children and teenagers receiving treatment in the ER. So the next time you think accident insurance is an unnecessary expense. Think again.

Accident Insurance Provides You A Financial Cushion When you Take Time off from a Job

Getting into any form of accident, especially a bike or car crash, can be extremely damaging not just for your vehicle but also for your current employment. That is why getting personal auto accident insurance is more important to safeguard yourself from falling into the trap of unemployment. In a world where unemployment is constantly rising, we all want to hold on to our jobs.

Auto accident insurance ensures that you have some extra cash if you need to take some time off from your job. That way, you can afford to pay for follow-up care, treatment, or physical therapy without a nagging worry of not having enough money.

A Helpful Financial Planning Tool in the Wake of Rising Healthcare Costs

With the rise in healthcare costs, accident insurance seems more appealing because of how it can be availed in the form of one cheque payment. Hence, it is considered by many families as a helpful financial planning tool. It can be used to cover not just the medical costs of incurring an accident but any other cost of treating an injury to put the money towards something in need, even if it buying groceries.

Getting a group accident insurance policy costs even less with the same ease and benefits as purchasing insurance by yourself.

It is better than Other Supplemental Plans

Accident insurance is considered better than getting on board with other supplemental plans. The benefit of getting a supplemental plan is that you are protected outside the Open Enrollment Period when you are unable to enroll in a major medical health care plan. But the difference becomes visible in the amount of supplemental coverage that each plan gives.

Examples of other supplemental plans include short-term health insurance. Short-term health plans only provide temporary coverage and can shield you against health emergencies in the absence of a major medical health care plan. Other supplemental plans include critical illness insurance that only covers you in the event of having a critical disease.

The benefit that auto accident insurance gives is that it is not restricted to only the realm of health insurance. It can be claimed once for any other purpose as well that qualifies as an accident. With accident insurance, you can get approved within a week only with the benefit of canceling at any time. Accident insurance also does not have any deductible, and you can keep it as long as you continue to make payments.

Final Thoughts

Insurance itself seems complex with the skepticism of how much a person can avail in the event of unfortunate circumstances. But believe it or not, auto accident insurance should be an essential part of your life if you or any family member drives an automobile or vehicle.

At ACU Comprehensive Insurance, we provide online consultations that can help you save on premiums and give you a worry-free and hopefully accident-free life. Our professional insurance team will provide you with free estimates on your coverage. All you have to do is contact us here to get a free quotation.